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If you require custom printed glossy lotion boxes with an option to openly customize then Custom Packaging Services is the website you have been looking for. We provide you with affordable custom glossy boxes at cheap rates. There are a wide variety of materials, coating options and printing techniques that we offer. Getting your glossy lotion boxes made from us will provide you the best value for your dollars.

We have a customer representative’s team that will be available to you 24/7. They will help you create custom lotion boxes within your allotted budget. Other than this we provide the option of complete customization as we produce your orders from scratch. Hence our policy remains that ‘if you can think it then we can make it.’ Other than these services we provide you free delivery for your cosmetic packaging. With our firm, you can get the best lotion packaging. We provide prices that are lower than glossy lotion boxes wholesale markets.



Eco-Friendly Custom Glossy Lotion Packaging

We provide all our customers with an option to go green. The impact of global warming has had a considerable effect on the environment in recent times. And anyone who goes green stands to make a profit out of helping the environment. Have you thought about working on custom cosmetic packaging boxes?

We provide you with free eco-friendly logo designs that will help attract conservatives to your brand. This will help you make more sales. These eco-friendly lotion packaging boxes can be recycled a few times to produce notebooks and papers for third-world countries.

We can also make biodegradable lotion packaging wholesale boxes that will provide the soil with nutrition once it is broken down. All these factors will help you cut taxes, make more sales, have a more positive brand image, and will help you gain many other helpful benefits.

Which Material To Choose For Your Custom Glossy Lotion Boxes

Material dictates the future of your product because the material makes sure it is packed well. Would you want to risk your product for few dollars? We will suggest not to do so. Material has great importance in the packaging industry. Companies spend millions of dollars and time to get that deserving material for your glossy lotion packaging boxes.

To complete your custom printed glossy lotion packaging boxes’ needs, we offer the following material types for you:

• Eco-Friendly Material. This is the best choice for all the environment-enthusiasts out there. Eco-friendly lotion packaging is recycled and biodegradable. You do not have to worry about its negative impacts on the environment because there aren’t any.

• Cardstock Material. Cardstock is a lighter material than most paperboards, but it is heavier than standard writing material. Thus, you can use this material for local usage.

• Corrugated Material. Corrugated material consists of two linerboards and a flute. There are several flutes with varying thicknesses, and their application depends upon on customer’s choice.

• Rigid Material. For international shipments, PR packages, and gifting purposes – rigid material is the most sought-after.

If you are into cardboard packaging, no problem, we have that too for you. Just convey your needs to our teams, and we will get you what you want.
Use of Inserts and Corrugation for Protection for Your Custom Glossy Lotion Boxes

Often many creams come in glass containers which can break in stressful environments. Linen is one of the most sensitive yet popular materials that is used for glossy lotion boxes. To protect your lotions and creams, you can add inserts that hold your creams in one place. Corrugation can help decrease vibrations that can cause damage to your product.

Following are the inserts options you can avail of for Glossy Lotion Packaging:

· Punch inserts
· Foam
· Cardboard
· Fence Inserts

Cheaper forms of protection include the use of peanuts and bubble wrap. But that will ruin your reputation as it is not liked by most people. Whichever insert you choose, it’s our duty to give the best outcome to you.

Custom printed Packaging has never asked our clients to compromise on lotion boxes because they are not alone in this; we are with them and our consultation.

We Offer Cheap Eco-Friendly Boxes as Well

The effect that global warming has had on the world in recent times has made it vital that all businesses follow proper guidelines. Otherwise, this world that we live in will cease to exist, and that alone is more than reason enough to go green. In fact, you can go green for lotion packaging wholesale.

Custom Packaging Services offers you a wide variety of different eco-friendly boxes. You can get them in presentation forms, double-ended gable, and all other forms that you may require. These eco-friendly boxes are made from top-quality materials; hence you can use coatings and printings the same way as with normal boxes. Hence, custom eco-friendly packaging is the outcome for you.

The go green boxes that we provide are biodegradable and can be recycled a number of times to produce different goods like notebooks. This will also help your business grow as when people view eco-friendly logos; they will prefer to buy your brand over others.

We also provide you with recycled boxes. These are the cheapest boxes that you can get from us. They are of considerably good quality. You can mention your boxes are recycled, which will help you gain popularity. Only the best firms go for eco-friendly wholesale glossy lotion packaging boxes.

Custom Packaging Service Serves You Rightfully!

You may have collected a whole bunch of companies’ vouchers and pamphlets. Isn’t it? Because almost everyone has everyone’s business voucher. Can you tell us what the use is? Well, this is one of the oldest marketing techniques. Companies would distribute their pamphlets to neighboring manufacturers or residential areas so that people may know about them.

However, digital marketing is a bit different than conventional marketing. It involves a range of different departments that has a collective effect on your brand’s reputation and services.

Custom packaging services is the name of the trust. You can blindly trust our services for custom glossy lotion packaging. Whatever you need, we have it with us.

Following are some of the facilities that you can avail of:

• Free delivery across the United States
• Reasonable price range
• Further discount on bulk orders
• Quickest turnaround time
• Friendly and cooperative teams
• 24/7 customer care available

Custom Packaging Services has the quickest turnover time of 6-10 working days. Yet, we strive to produce all Custom Lotion Boxes’ orders before the allotted time. We provide free delivery for your custom glossy lotion boxes. There are no hidden costs or agendas.

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