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At Custom Packaging Services, we pride ourselves in providing packaging that stands out from the rest in the competitive market. The following are the list of options and customizations that we provide for display packaging.

Material Selection for Display Packaging

Our material selection process for display packaging boxes lets you choose from a range of materials. Different materials are available at your behest. Some of them allow you to skyrocket your sales within a few days, but what are those materials? For starters, we have the following materials available:

    • Cardstock
    • Cardboard
    • Eco-Friendly Kraft
    • Linen Stock
    • Corrugated
  • And a few others

Each material possesses certain characteristics that sit well with other customization options. If you do not know what will sit well with your material, consult our packaging designers. They will engineer it to the best of your product’s advantage.

Exuberant Coatings for Display Packaging

Coatings are crucial to the successful sales of your product. Whether you are rooting for a myriad of customization options or keeping the packaging display simple, our suggestion is to bring in a decent blend of coating. At Custom Packaging Services, we provide the following coatings:

    • Matte 
    • Gloss 
    • Satin
  • And a few more

Add-Ons to Enumerate Customization Options

Who does not want their product to grab attention on the retail shelves? While we understand the struggle to get your product to be the epitome of attention, we put a similar effort into making it look so. For that purpose, we add a cherry on top by providing numerous add-ons for your display packaging boxes, such as:

  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • PVC Window Sheet
  • Window Cutting
  • Foiling

While choosing the coating for your product, keep in mind that overdoing it will make it look bad. Our packaging designers recommend keeping the display packaging as simple as possible. 

Wholesale Rates for Display Packaging

We believe in providing quality at rates that are not heavy on your pockets. For that purpose, we provide budget-friendly rates for your retail display packaging. It does not only expand your shopping card, but it also makes room for hefty sales. So, what’s with the wait? Get a free custom quote for your packaging.

Free Sampling and Proofing

We never cease to amaze our customers. For that purpose, we provide free sampling and prototyping options. The following are some of the free sampling options we provide to our customers.

  • Flat View

One of the first and foremost services we provide in the category of free sampling is the flat view. Our expert designers will provide a 2D image for you to inspect. In that way, you can see the first digital prototype of your product.

  • 3D Rotatory View

Next up is a 3D rotatory view when you can rotate your product and observe the die-lines and other details. It gives you an immersive 360-degree view so you can look into finer details.

  • Physical Sampling

If the above options are not enough, we provide a physical sampling option where we will deliver the prototype to your doorstep. It will let you examine the product carefully and observe all the minor details.

As we believe in detailing and engineering every wholesale display packaging, we improvise in fine lines and bottom lines. Order a free sample today and see for yourself.

Why Custom Packaging Services?

With over 300 satisfied businesses and a retention rate of 91%, we take pride in what we do. Be it branding via jewelry display packaging or any other sort of marketing, we know what it takes to steer your products towards hefty sales. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Custom Packaging Services:

    • Friendly customer support
    • Fastest turnaround time
    • Massive discounts
    • Splendid after-sale service
    • Free delivery all over the world
  • And many more

Order from us today and see the difference in your sales charts. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Happy shopping!

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