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Are you looking for gift packaging boxes near you? Just google and type or say “gift packaging near me,” and you will get our address out of nowhere. We offer millions of gift box packing with tremendous coatings and addons to make your gifts look exciting and fresh to open.

Therefore, Custom Packaging Services has made a commitment to delivering amazing wholesale gift packaging services at the economical cost rate ever. You have already seen some of our products and had an idea of the products we are selling.

All of these products connect you towards a race of happiness and joy. However, with our empty gift boxes, you can put your holiday gifts and give them to your loved ones.

Types of Gift Boxes for Different Gifts:

As you might know, we provide multiple types of gifts, which contain different things, including books, fancy things like cosmetics products, bakery goods, and many more things. Well, not just that, we know the advertisement is the most important factor in business marketing.

Therefore, we can print your stamp on the top of your gift boxes, or we can hang a small card using a little string on the side corner of your order box, which will represent your brand if you are a consumer. However, there is a curtain call for our customers that we provide custom gift packaging boxes with a logo so that your company can grow in the market.

Custom Packaging Services is a platform where you can get custom packaging at the top-notch designs and with multiple materials waiting for you to pick them up.

Pattern Coatings on Your Custom Gift Packaging:

CPS provides different types of coating patterns with amazing new styles and designs. And we don’t stop here; with pattern coatings, we also offer additional decorative options to shimmer up your products at their best form possible.

Types of Coating Patterns we offer:

  • Gloss Coating Patterns
  • Matte Coating Patterns
  • Satin Coating Patterns
  • Laminations

These are four of our coating patterns, and all of them are designed for different gifts.

Gloss Coating Patterns:

From the name of this coating, you can guess easily that we turn the tables into shiny stuff. This gets a better look, and women used to love shiny gift packaging boxes. So, why not satisfy your woman by gifting her jewelry and other stuff in CPS’s custom gift packing?

Matte Coating Patterns:

Want to make your boxes premium quality and rugged surface? Order yourself a matte-coated gift box. This box style will make your customer happy because the feel is literally amazing.

Satin Coating Patterns:

Our third coating pattern gives you both shiny and premium coating. This coating uses more in Christmas gift boxes because Christmas gifts are special and should be packed in the best packaging services with state-of-the-art coatings.


For gift card packaging, we offer our customers laminations on the outside as well as inside gift wrapping and packing boxes. So, check out the latest packaging services from Custom Packaging Services and make your Holidays special by spreading happiness in the end zone of the year.

CPS At Your Doorsteps:

We are offering 20% FLAT discounts on Christmas on every product, including gift cards and more than you could possibly imagine. So, grab this opportunity and become our golden customer. The first 10 lucky customers will receive amazing holiday gifts from Custom Packaging Services. So, don’t wait and shop away.

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