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Wholesale Custom Cardboard Packaging

Custom Packaging Services provide the best bang on your buck on cardboard packaging. By offering ultimate customization, glaring add-ons, a quick delivery, and a comprehensive order tracking system, Custom Packaging  is your best bet for purchasing cardboard boxes and all other kinds of packaging boxes for your business.

It is a perfect grip on understanding the market needs that make Custom Packaging Services the ultimate packaging provider and its sheer dedication to work with the clients to get a final product that meets their imagination.

Resilient & Reusable Material:

We at Custom Packaging Services ensure the safety and protection of your products no matter what the circumstances. Our custom cardboard packaging confirms the stability of the products for maximum sales and building your brand’s recognition.

Cardboard is one of the finest materials accessible to our team. It is thick, long-lasting, and cost-effective for you to use. Moreover, one of the most beneficial facts about cardboard is that it is 100% reusable. We work in the best way to keep nature free of toxins by playing our part. Also, keep in view that the cardboard material is in great demand in the market and we unlike our competitors adhere to all the competition.

Shapes and Dimensions of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Since cardboard is one of the friendliest materials for manufacturing packaging boxes, our product line of custom packaging boxes is broad and covers almost every end of the packaging of commercial and domestic products. Some of our highlighted cardboard boxes are:

●  Shelf-ready cardboard boxes

These are the cardboard boxes that the retailers on the retail shelves display. They showcase your products in a way that makes them more alluring and help them stand out from the rest.

●  Cardboard gift boxes

Just as you can’t imagine a life without gifts, it is hard to imagine gifts without the customized cardboard gift boxes designed to express your feelings and protect the gifts for your loved ones.

●  Cardboard food boxes

One of the excessively used customs printed cardboard boxes is food boxes, either as in burgers and fries or in Pizza boxes that come with your Pizzas.

●  Box & Lid cardboard boxes

Another widely used type of boxes in retail packaging is the box & lid cardboard boxes. They are multi-purpose and are used mainly in delivering fragile products. Cardboard packaging for vape cartridges is also generally done with these boxes.

While these are some of the mainstream cardboard shipping boxes that we offer, we cannot limit what we can do with the custom cardboard boxes for you. As far as your imagination goes, we go.

Printing Techniques

We use printing techniques that ensure that all your required images and visuals are printed correctly on your custom cardboard boxes. A perfect and flawless printing on bulk cardboard boxes is not everyone’s cup of tea. We have done it for years now and have perfected this art to ensure that while you get the best printing, you do not pay more than the market price.

We make it possible with our blend of offset, digital, and screen printing. Firstly, offset printing is one of the finest printing techniques that we have for you. Not only will it enhance the appeal of your boxes but it will also make the boxes thicker. With every additional layer, the boxes become even more robust and resilient.

On the contrary, we use digital printing to print watermarks and prototypes for our customers. Since digital printing works best for shorter turnarounds, we use it for all such purposes.

Appealing Coatings

Smoothing out the boxes is an essential step to make your boxes alluring enough to be bought. For this purpose, we offer appealing coatings that will laminate the boxes in the best possible manner, we have two different coatings, and you can choose the one that intrigues you the most.

The gloss coating that we offer will make your boxes look eye-pleasing. The shine and glow on the box will automatically make them stand out among the rest. However, the matte coating, unlike the gloss coating, makes the boxes dim and chic. Regardless of the sleekness, the boxes tend to be the center of attention for your customers.


Since we aim to have the contentment of all our clients, we trust us for what we offer. We don’t spill out the beans unless we can do it for you. So if you are new to Custom Packaging Services, call our helpline and get a free quote right away.

Three sampling methods are available for you. You can choose from flat view, 3D sampling, and physical sampling. The purpose of all three of these is to make you trust us. In the flat view, we send 2-dimensional pictures of our boxes to your mail. You can easily assess and examine the die cuts and die lines on the boxes.

Along with that, the 3D sampling tends to be one step ahead of the flat view. It is so because 3D sampling is more like a digital full view of the box. Check out all sides of the boxes and choose.
Lastly, physical sampling is on top of the list because our riders leave a handmade sample for you at your doorstep for you to examine. So get a free quote so you can trust us.

Why Custom Packaging Services?

We at Custom Packaging  are all ears for our customers and their prerequisites, so you can always count on us.

If you are looking for more reasons to choose us, we can start by offering quick delivery and an average turnaround time of 5-7 days. Moreover, we ensure safe transit for your Custom Boxes no matter where we ship them. Your contentment is our utmost purpose which is why we work hard to achieve it.

On top of that, you can avail of special discounts and additional features for lower costs if you order bulk cardboard boxes. In the cardboard boxes’ wholesale market, we have always trumped our competitors by the quality of our services and our clients’ faith. For this purpose, you can count on us to offer impeccable boxes for you.

Get in touch with our customer care staff and order our wholesale cardboard packaging boxes right away.


What is the minimum number of boxes that I can order?

While we try not to put a minimum cap on your order, we ask for an order of at least 100 cheap cardboard boxes to make the order feasible for us. We do this as a favor to you to cut you some slack on the cost.

Can I get my artwork printed on my boxes?

Absolutely. Our team of seasoned designers is in place to facilitate your imagination of designs on your orders. No matter, what you wish to print, our designers will do it.

How can I track my order?

Once you have placed an order, our customer support representative will issue you an order number. You can use this number to track your order throughout its course of delivery. From transit to delivery, you can keep track of everything.

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