Custom Hair Extension Boxes


If you are in search of cosmetic boxes for your expensive hair extensions, then your search is over now. Custom Packaging Services has brought an amazing opportunity for you in the form of custom hair extension boxes. Our hair extension boxes are marvelous in their appearance. We provide you alluring designs that attract the customer and force them to buy them.

Moreover, we manufacture these hair extension boxes according to your needs. You can customize their size, shape, and material as your needs demand. Customization is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for us, it is a daily routine task.

Furthermore, the material we use for the production of wholesale hair extension boxes is highly sturdy. Resultantly, they keep your precious cosmetic item safe and protected. The amazing thing is that you get all these remarkable facilities at greatly affordable rates.

Above all, you get your package delivered to your doorstep, which would be absolutely free in the USA. So, hurry up and place your order now.



Sturdy and Stalwart Custom Hair Extension Packaging for your Product

Hair extensions are expensive and rarely used cosmetic articles. Moreover, their structure is fragile and timid. Hence, they require reasonable care and safety. Thus, hair extension boxes provide that safety. At Custom Packaging Services, you get stoutly structured boxes.


The material we use for retail boxes’ production is cardstock which is sturdy and hard. Ultimately, it keeps your item protected. Furthermore, if you are a hair extension dealer and want to ship your product, we have extremely firm wholesale hair extension packaging boxes for you, known as corrugated boxes. These boxes have the capacity to bear the strokes and jerks throughout the shipment journey.


This is why they are also called shipping boxes.

Apart from that, we also have cardboard packaging for you. If you think your product will be more comfortable with cardboard, then cardboard it is.


Make Environment Healthy With our Eco-Kraft Hair Extension Boxes

Last but not least, Eco-friendly Kraft is one of the most in-demand materials out there. Kraft can make your custom hair extension boxes harmless against the environment. It is recycled and biodegradable, which means you do not have to worry about its impact on the environment.


Want to keep your environment healthy and free from harm? Use our eco-Kraft material for your hair extension packaging. This material is 100% environment-favored. You can use it again and again.


Moreover, the Custom Cosmetic Packaging that is made of this material will enhance the customer’s love for your product. Eventually, it will boost the sale of your product.


Grab Alluring Designs Along with Enchanting Add-Ons


Versatile Box Styles for Packaging of Your Product

Various box styles can be grabbed for custom hair extension boxes. Because this product can be packed in any type of box. We offer you the following styles for them:


•   Tuck-End Boxes

•   Straight Tuck-End Boxes

•   Reverse Tuck-End Boxes

•   Auto-Lock Tuck-End Boxes

•   Five Panel Hanger Boxes

•   Sleeve Boxes

•   Display Boxes

•   Dispenser Boxes


These types of wholesale hair extension packaging styles can be used for many purposes. You can have all of them on our platform for your hair extensions.


Hair extensions are used to enhance the beauty and glamour of your personality. Therefore, their boxes must be enchanting in their appearance too. Hence, we provide you with these glorious designs/styles for your custom printed hair extension boxes.


Role Of Coating In Proper Hair Extension Packaging


In addition to that, you can customize these designs according to your taste. Furthermore, to make it more embellished, you can add various coatings and foil layers. You can get the following coating options:


•   Gloss Coating

•   Matte Coating

•   Spot UV Coating


Spot UV makes your hair extension packaging box singular in the horde of hair extension products. As it gives an enamoring effect to the boxes. On the other hand, gloss makes your custom hair extension packaging boxes shimmering in the light. In contrast, matte is a dense-looking coating. That does not stop from creating a long-lasting impression on the customer. Moreover, you can add Gold and Silver Foiling to ornament them.


We Will Never Disappoint You!


Yes, you read it right. We have no interest in deceiving our clients who could otherwise become our most loyal clients. Thus, it’s always better to plan beforehand and act wisely to keep good relations intact.


Your worry for custom boxes comes to an end. CustomPackagingServices will make sure that you get everything you need in the shortest span of time and that too at affordable rates.


We are one of the famous names in the region, and it is not easy to take that label. Our teams went through many ups and downs, but our pioneers’ passion made it possible for us. Through their wise decisions, we neither just passed the difficult phase nor learned new things on the level. But we managed to keep our customer retention rate intact.

You can also be part of our little fraternity. All you have to do is contact us anytime, anywhere.


Get the Best Boxes at Cheap Hair Extension Packaging Wholesale Rates.


The rates you get for your custom packaging boxes at our platform are highly reasonable. They are affordable as compared to other vendors. Moreover, we have no die or plate charges. Furthermore, you can enjoy a huge discount offer if you order bulk hair extension boxes wholesale.


Can You get such an offer from anywhere else? Let us know so that we may know there is someone else apart from us. If there isn’t one, then do not worry, as CustomPackagingServices offers more than this.


Fast and Short Turnaround Time


Don’t worry about the delivery time. We know that many customers are really concerned about the time of their package’s delivery. Hence, we have made our delivery fast. You can get your hair extension packaging boxes at your doorstep in 6 to 8 working days. In case of emergency, the number of working days reduces to 3-4 working days.



In addition to that, this facility is worldwide and completely free from any charges in the USA. Then why waste your valued time? Pick up a package and place your order of hair extension boxes now to avail yourself of a wonderful opportunity.


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