Eye Shadow Packaging


Grab the best eye shadow packaging for your precious eyeshadow products at our platform with vast customization options. Custom Packaging Services offers you an excellent packaging solution to keep your product safe and singular in the whole market.

Get your eyeshadow box in bulk quantity according to your requirements. Moreover, capture the attention of customers with our beautifully designed boxes. These designs are created specially to attract customers. In that way, your sales can be enhanced. Furthermore, you can modify these designs according to your taste if you want to.

In addition to that, you get strong structured material that helps you to keep your valued product safe. Grab all these astonishing facilities at greatly affordable rates at your doorstep. Above all, you can enjoy the free delivery facility in the entire USA. So, go grab the hassle-free experience by placing your order of custom eye shadow boxes now.



Get Incredible Designs for your Custom Eye Shadow Boxes

Eyeshadow products give an alluring look to one’s eyes. Hence, the eye shadow box you order should give enchanting attraction to the customers. For this purpose, we have assembled a professional team of creative designers.

They create enthralling designs of eyeshadow boxes that capture the sight of the customer and finally force him or her to buy them. Furthermore, we have archives of pre-made designs; you can pick any of your likings.

Then again, on the off chance that you have your own plan for your Eyeshadow Packaging boxes, you can print that on your uniquely printed eyeshadow boxes as you have customization rights.

Following are some of the designs that you can choose:

•   Tuck-end Box
•   Mailer Box
•   Display Box
•   Rectangle Box
•   Two-Piece Box
•   Sleeve Box

Embellish The Appearance Of Your Eyeshadow Boxes With Gleaming Coatings

Want to make your Custom Cosmetic Packaging boxes look more captivating? Go for coating or finish options. We provide you three types of glowing finishes. You can have any of them which you like. Here are they:

1.    Gloss Coating
2.   Matte Coating
3.   Spot Coating

Gloss is the gleaming coating layer. It gives your custom eyeshadow boxes a shimmering look when it is placed in the light. On the other hand, matte is a rough-looking coating. It makes your box look like a dense, surfaced box.

But customer demands it frequently as it gives a unique look. If we talk about Spot UV coating, it is the perfect option for Custom Printed Eyeshadow Boxes. As it is a mixture of both the previous coatings and gives a glorious look to your box.

Stout Material Makes Your Custom Packaging Boxes Long-Lasting

The material has significant importance in the production of wholesale cosmetic packaging boxes. Because the eyeshadow products are extremely delicate and fragile and require gentle care.

Hence, this vital task is done by the material of the boxes.

We use strong material for your custom eyeshadow packaging, which is again and again tested before using in the manufacturing of a box.

The only purpose is to ensure whether it has been fitted correctly or not. We offer you the following types of materials:

•   Linen Stock
•   Cardboard boxes
•   Cardstock
•   Corrugated
•   Eco-Kraft

Cardstock is generally used for retail purposes. It is a little bit hard and the most used material. At the same time, corrugated is the hardest and extremely stout material. It is usually used for shipment purposes, therefore called as shipping boxes. As it has the potential to bear the ups and downs of the journey.

Above all, eco-Kraft is the most demanded material in the present age as people are greatly concerned about the care of the environment. Hence, they demand it because it is recyclable and biodegradable. Grab the one you prefer, and we provide you that.

Want to Beautify Your Eyeshadow Boxes More?

You can add various add-ons to embellish the appearance of your custom eyeshadow packaging. Like you can use foiling to give them a royal look. You can do foiling with gold and silver material. It is your choice. Moreover, you can add a window to provide ease to your customer so he or she can look at the product through that window. In addition to that, you can do embossing or debossing to make its text more appealing.

Overall, you can avail the following add-ons:


•   Spot UV
•   Embossing
•   Debossing
•   PVC Sheet
•   Die-Cut
•   Hot Stamping

There are other additional features too, but we only add them at the request of our clients. Hence, if you have any idea, do not hesitate to share with us. Our team will get to work right away.

Why Is Custom Packaging Services Best For You?

Our pioneers believed in delivering quality Custom Packaging Services. They had only one reason for doing so, and that is to build a long-lasting relationship with clients. As juniors, we still follow their objectives. In fact, we haven’t changed a single bit of it. This is why we can claim the progress we witnessed all these years was due to the mission of our pioneers.

You do not have to worry about custom eyeshadow boxes. Our customization is one of the bests in town. Do you have any doubts? How about you inquire about us from our clients? If not that, then how about asking about us among your acquaintances? We are sure one of them may have worked with us.

It’s not always for the revenue. Though it is important, some companies have more purpose in life other than few bucks. The same is the case with Dodo Packaging UK. We strive for betterment, and along the way, our hard work gives us more than what we asked for.

However, our passion does not stop no matter what. We would be more than happy if you choose us for your custom boxes.

Impressively Fast Delivery and Highly Reasonable Rates

With the progress in the packaging industry, the rates for cosmetic boxes and packaging have increased. Many companies are charging huge rates for these boxes. But don’t worry, Custom Packaging Services provides you these boxes at greatly reasonable rates.

Along with that, you get massive discount offers if you order bulk eyeshadow packaging boxes. So, place your order in bulk to get amazing discounts. Above all, you get the instant delivery facility on our platform.

We deliver your package in 6 to 8 working days. In case of emergency, it can reduce to 3-4 working days. Furthermore, delivery is absolutely free all over the USA.

Then don’t waste your time; get up and place your order of eyeshadow and eyeshadow palette packaging now to avail this golden opportunity.


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