Wedding Gift Packaging


The demand for wedding gift packaging is higher just like the wedding season goes on all around the year. Our packaging is specially designed to be in a way that it keeps the product safer and at the same time gives an alluring look to the box. It is obvious that the buyers will prefer the fancier box on the shelf as it will go best with their occasion.

Hence, to fulfill customers’ needs and drive sales, we provide the best wedding gift boxes in the market. Indeed, Custom Packaging Services is the only leading enterprise that offers a wide range of customizations in your product. From packaging material to box styles, each and every detail of the design is according to the choice of the client. However, our cooperating customer care representative is always at your service to give you the best designs and promotion tactics.



Reliable Material For Wedding Gift Packaging

To ensure your product is safe, we use the most durable and strong materials such as eco-friendly, corrugated, and cardstock. The eco-friendly wedding gift card boxes are highly in demand as they are biodegradable. They leave no harm to the environment as they are easily soluble in the Earth.

Likewise, by using them, you can contribute to the Earth by not leaving any carbon footprints behind. The material itself is a hundred percent biodegradable and recyclable. So, it would contribute both in safety and style. Our company is concerned about how we can actually make a change to the Custom Gift Packaging Boxesindustry. So, we focus more on lowering the use of plastic which is toxic to the Earth.

We also know that you would never want to see your wedding cards getting damaged on their way. In this way, our materials provide ultimate protection to them and make them easily reachable to the destination. The shipping process includes many hazards that no one can look over, and we have custom packaging boxes that can stand against any environmental damage.

Whether it is a wedding invitation card that you want to pack or, a wedding gift that you want to send to a couple, it would complete the job.

Giving The Personalized Wedding Gifts A Festive Look

You can make your wedding gift box eye-catchy and appeal by adding on a few details like a stylish custom window. The gold-silver foil on the entire box will look better and is perfect for wedding gift boxes.

Looking for any marketing tips for custom wedding gifts? Here is one. Always take into consideration your product requirement to make out maximum sales. Make the boxes sheen with the gloss finishing, as this will give the boxes a more festive look. In any case, you don’t like shimmery foil, you can add colors to the boxes with CMYK/PMS printing.

Another way you should consider for marketing is to use shareworthy designs on your packaging. Our company knows the power of social media, so our designers work day and night to make the illustrations that can be shared on those platforms. Our company has already crafted those designs that people have shared on those platforms.

In this way, you can use this as a marketing tool by making a design that people would love to share on their Instagram stories or newsfeed. We take care of everything and provide you with the finest boxes that will help in making the other person receiving it happier than ever.

We Make The Boxes for Custom Wedding Gifts

To make the gift card boxes’ wedding stylish, we manufacture them in various styles using the die-cut and gluing technique. We have some of the box styles in stock such as tuck end boxes (straight, reverse, and auto-lock), seal end boxes, 2-piece boxes, and mailer boxes.

Where customization is a process where you get to design your boxes in your desired state. You are able to choose colors, patterns, or any layout for those wedding Gifts for Couples. It will be unreal if you do not use customization as a weapon in your arsenal. You can put the charm from zero to a hundred by our customization. Our professional designers will be there for you to suggest some exquisite designs that would increase the appeal of your wedding gift boxes.

People nowadays notice that how much love you have put in packing a gift. Custom wedding gifts are a way to show your affection towards the other person, and you can easily make the first impression lasting.

Our professionals would be there for you if you have any queries about customization, and this whole process would take place under your supervision. You can check on us anytime you want and ask anything about custom wedding gift boxes. This would help us in crafting your desired wedding gift boxes.

New Designs in Cheap Prices

Yes, you heard that right! We, at Custom Packaging Services, are providing new and innovative designs at cheap rates. If you order from us in bulk, we will discount the given bill. It allows you to get an instant price-drop on wedding gift boxes wholesale by achieving a bulk discount.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Packaging Services makes top-quality wedding gift boxes with utmost care. We make sure our customers are fully satisfied with our work. Therefore, we do not dispatch the stock unless the design is approved by our clients. For this, we send them either the mockup video or a physical sample of the selected design.

In this way, if our clients have any suggestions on the enhancement of packages, we are always here for them. If they are not happy with the gluing, or they have a further enhancement in design, we can provide it.

Moreover, we are shipping throughout the world but our shipping is free in the USA. We start from a minimum order of 100 boxes. Do not miss out on our discount deals and place your first order of wedding gift boxes wholesale right away.

Proofing and Sampling

We provide tons of free options in the sampling category. Some of them are jotted down below:

● 2D Sample: In a 2D sample, we provide an image-view of the proposed image. You can see what your end product will look like once we finalize it. Likewise, it is a quick process of receiving an Image of your packaging in no time.
● 3D Sample: Similar to a 2D sample, 3D samples provide a rotatory view of the product. You can clearly see the die-lines, cuts, and other sharp edges by opening a new horizon to its aesthetic visuals.
● Physical Sampling: If the prior two options do not satisfy you, we provide another option, i.e. physical sampling. In that case, we deliver the end-product right to your doorstep for you to inspect. All you need to do is order a free sample, and our team will get to it and send an extra batch of similar designs.

At Custom Packaging Services, our aim is to make the packaging process extra easy for you. You can redeem the packaging services at budget-friendly rates, new designs, and a myriad of customization options. So, what’s with the wait? Order from us today and see the sales of your business going in an upward spiral within numbered days.

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