Custom Cardboard Boxes


Custom Cardboard boxes being one of the finest produces, tend to offer reliability and safety to your products. However, almost every retailer in the market wishes to sell these wholesale cardboard boxes in the best possible way, but they fail to do so because of the lack of scrutiny. Therefore, we at Custom Packaging Services Manufacture appealing and affordable boxes within the least possible time.

Our designers are happy to help you with all your boxing problems. With one on one interaction with designers, you get to choose all that you like. Also, avail of free delivery anywhere in the United States of America.

Enjoy valuable discounts by ordering on the website directly. So, wait no more and get your custom cardboard boxes with logos to stand out in the market.


Sturdy and Stable Materials- How will they aid in boosting your sales?


There is no doubt in the fact that cardboard is one of the finest packaging materials available in the packaging market. Henceforth, we also use it to protect all your products. For instance, various cosmetics, beverages, food items, retail products, and other items can be stored within the DIY cardboard boxes. Indeed, cardboard offers due protection to all kinds of products because of its exemplary properties.

Cardboard material is an all-rounder because it works best for the safety of custom printed cardboard boxes in transportation too. It is made up of flutes of recycled paper. For instance, all kinds of recyclable kraft materials help in making the cardboard material. The thickness of a flute is adjustable as per the need. Therefore, we understand the required thickness of our customers and adjust the flute accordingly.

We also use it for shipping your custom cardboard display boxes safely to your doorsteps. It, in all cases, keeps the products secure from all kinds of garbles.

Likewise, these materials are biodegradable, which means they do not harm the planet Earth in any way. Many brands are willing to leave the use of plastic and these boxes are an excellent way to do it.

If you want a more natural feeling for your boxes, using brown Custom Cardboard Packaging would not be the wrong choice. Our brown paper is famous for making the most exclusive boxes for certain products.

With a little bit of customization and using fewer colors for them, you can easily make them look distinctive in a rack. They can readily stand out from other rivals and customers can pick up that box among others.

Astonishing Customizations- How will they make you one of the best-sellers?


We believe in offering amazing choices to our customers so that they can enjoy all kinds of perks that come along. This is why bringing the right customizations for you is one of the most valuable things too.

Moreover, We have with us a variety of customizations that, in all cases, offer vibrancy and color to your custom cardboard boxes cheap.

Whereas, in customization, you get a free hand to make any changes over the packaging and turn it into your desired state. You can add or remove anything in the packaging. Likewise, you are able to pick colors and sizes as you desire for getting the fancied results. This is the best option to make you one of the best-sellers in the retail store as you get to select the most exquisite patterns on your own.

We have completed many successful tasks of customization where the results turned out to be more than anticipated. With the help of your mind and our professional designers, we will be able to make the most exquisite designs that ever existed before.

Similarly, those designs are the best way to showcase your actual worth in the best way possible. You can also get the illustrations that are share-worthy for the social media platforms.

People love something unusual that they can put on their Instagram and Facebook stories or news feeds.

Our expert designers are here to provide those designs that your customers can share on these platforms and pump life in your boxes.

The ones that work best for your custom cardboard boxes printing are:

1.   Printing Techniques:

● Digital Printing
▪ Affordable and reliable
▪ Dims in the light because of lesser pigmentation of the color
▪ Withers with time, so we use it for watermarks and prototypes only.
●Flexography Printing
▪Less color is used and shows the bulk cardboard boxes.
▪Blendable and economical
▪Cost increases with the increase in colors.
●Offset Printing
▪Full color with a gloss finish is the result.

The box becomes durable because of layers and layers of CMYK colors.

Remember, all of these printings are carefully attempted to remove any chance of failure to the packaging. For the edges, we take highly prudent measures to color each and every edge of the box. In this way, it does not look dull or odd to your customers.

2.   Coatings:

●Gloss or coated

▪Shines in the light and remains bright forever
▪The Color does not soak in the material.
●Matte or uncoated:
▪Does not shine in the light
▪The color Soaks in to give a sleek matte look.

Also, we wish to value both your time and money both, so we have a set of Add-ons that will increase the sales of your custom-sized cardboard boxes without requiring a marketing company.

3. Add-ons

We know that packaging is not just a vessel that carries your product, but it makes up the overall look of a product. in this way, we take care of each and every detail for the packaging and craft the most exquisite custom boxes.

As a part of our offers, we have various Add-ons available that will bring more appeal to your design.

●   Spot UV
●   Foil Stamping
●   Die-cutting
●   Embossing
●   Debossing
●   PVC Window

These add-ons come with their individual benefits. Such as, spot UV is famous for making the full box or a particular box shine whenever it hits the light. This is an excellent option if you want your brand tag or logo to become more prominent over the packaging. In this way, the first thing that someone can notice on your packaging can be your logo. Similarly, they are more likely to remember your brand logo or its design for a longer time period


Consequently, they are more likely to suggest your products to friends or family.

Why Choose Us?

We at Custom Packaging Services offer 24/7 customer care services just so you can get answers to all your questions. We also bring prototypes of cardboard boxes wholesale in various categories to help earn your trust.

Similarly, we tend to bring innovation to the packaging industry by throwing something new to the retail shelves. In this way, we give you a free hand to suggest some designs that we can use for your packaging. Our able designers will research for you about certain trends inboxes. Consequently, you can get the packaging that fits your needs and the market requirements simultaneously. You will also get your products in the best shipping boxes that do not break or damage during the shipment process.

With that being said, we have three diverse categories of prototypes to choose from. Those are:

●   Flat View
●   3D Mockup
●   Physical Sampling

Surely, Each one of these methods is better than the rest and offers distinct characteristics that you might not find anywhere else.

Moreover, you can enjoy free delivery along with some gifts from us only if you pre-order the cardboard gift boxes.

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