E-Liquid Packaging


Recently, the e-liquids have taken place of cigarettes. They are lighter and less harmful than ordinary cigarettes. Consequently, the demand in the e-liquid packaging has increased due to the greater demand for the product.

Similarly, getting e liquid boxes packaging is difficult as it a new product and very less enterprise make them. Custom Packaging Services is among those leading companies that provide packaging solutions. We manufacture client demanding products. Surely, this is the place where you will find unique manufacturing techniques and printing layouts.

We offer unlimited customizations to our customers. Everything from the packaging material to the box theme is according to your clients’ needs. Besides this our customer care is one click away to assist you in the best possible way. We deliver absolutely free in the USA. So, order from us today or get a free quote for your e liquid box.



Reliant E-Liquid Boxes for your Business

We use sturdy material for the packaging of juice box e-liquid so that the product remains safe from any damage. Corrugated is popular to make the best shipping boxes. If you are wondering to grow your business then it the most suitable one.

The extra fluted layer adds mechanical tension to the e-liquid boxes. Similarly, the cardstock is a more flexible and thinner material. However, it is thicker than ordinary paper and provides the finest printing texture. Recently the eco-friendly Kraft has gained customer attention. It consists of biodegradable material and is highly soluble in the earth.

Our team is focused on reducing the use of plastic. We make such custom boxes that would not leave any carbon footprints behind and contribute to the Earth in our way. People nowadays notice every small detail about a product and your customers can notice your effort in packing your e-liquids in eco-friendly packaging. In this way, you are able to jump your sales by increasing your value among customers. They can suggest your product to their friends or family.

Moreover, we make custom packaging boxes by keeping the shipping process in mind. So, we test the sustainability of packaging through different techniques.

If there is any chance that our boxes will get damaged during this, we remove them and provide you with the finest boxes.

An Intricate Material Selection for E-Liquid Packaging

We provide a range of materials for you to choose from, and each material possesses a certain characteristic. For instance, eco-friendly Kraft allows you to combine consumables with nature. Even if you dispose of the packaging, it will not harm the environment.

Similarly, cardstock is light-weight, provides more support to feather-weight objects, and is light on your pockets. Our suggestion is to use cardstock because it is light in weight and allows many customization options on it.

Some of the materials that we are providing are:

● Eco-friendly Kraft
● Cardstock
● Cardboard
● Linen Stock
● Corrugated
● Cardboard
● And many more

All of them are finely crafted to give out customers a novel experience of packing their e-liquids. Some of those materials are perfectly manufactured for shipment so you would not have to purchase any external packaging. cbd packaging boxes is the best shipping box that you can use for both style and safety. Other materials can also be used for shipping if the process is inside the region.

They all provide sustainability and protection to the commodity and increase the shelf life. You can put any further insert in them and it would enhance the safety of your product. These inserts are foams, cardboard, blisters, and paper pieces that do not let the product shake inside the boxes.

There are outer layers available that you can use to make them even firmer and use for shipping to far-off places. So, make sure to tell us everything that you want and we will make provide it to you.

We Manufacture The Best Custom E-Liquid Boxes

All of the boxes are manufactured using die-cut and gluing techniques. We offer multiple layouts of e-liquid boxes in all dimensions, sizes, and shapes. We have the best machinery in the market and with the help of that we manufacture the following boxes:

● Tuck End Boxes (Straight, Reverse, And Auto-Lock)
● Seal End Boxes
● Five-Panel Hanger Boxes
● Mailer Boxes
● Display Boxes
● Sleeve Boxes
● 2-Piece Boxes

These designs are further customizable, which can provide you the desired results. It gives you a free hand to make any changes to these designs. If you are not happy with the size, colors, or designs over the print, you can easily tell us on the phone or by email, and we will take care of that.

Customization will become so easy for you because you would not have to repeat yourself, but we will ask about everything beforehand. You can easily tell us what you want on designs or colors. Further, if you have any improvement in your mind during the process of manufacturing, you can tell us, and we will provide that. So, do not worry if you call us one time or thousand times a day. We will be there for you if you have any queries regarding the boxes.

Why Details Matter?

Details matter to an extent to double up your sales or decline them. The brand logo is communicated to the buyer through embossing or debossing the text. The spot UV adds a dual feature of gloss and matte to the e-liquid boxes. If you wanted the entire to be coated, then we use gloss or matte polish.

Similarly, the window cut or PVC is a good displaying medium. They make it easier for the buyer to choose the flavors. Furthermore, we offer gold and silver foiling for your e-liquid box packaging. Additionally, we provide a free-of-cost insert for the perfect fitting of products.

The use of a UV spot for your brand name or logo would make a whole difference to the packaging. It would make your brand name memorable as everyone is going to notice that in the first place. So, wherever they would see another product of your brand, they can remember it by your logo. Use our UV spot to make an impact on your customer’s mind.

Likewise, the PVC window would let the customer see the actual product from outside, and it would build trust between you and the end-user. They are more likely to pick your product among other rivals because they can actually see it and decide whether it is worth spending money on or not.

Happy Shopping!

Custom Packaging Services has remained successful in creating a good name in the market. We help vendors in growing their brands and driving sales. In order to make this the best shopping experience for you, we are always there to assist you. A mockup video or physical sample of the e-liquid packaging box is sent to you for assurance.

You may request any changes at any stage of manufacturing. We do not charge additionally for die or plate. Do not waste your time and avail discounts on our running deals of e liquid wholesale boxes. We start from a minimum order of 100 boxes, and our fastest turnaround time is of 6 days.

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