Cigarette Packaging


Get your hands on durable, sturdy, and neat-looking cigarette packaging at cheap rates. We manufacture these boxes with a plethora of sizes, shapes, dimensions, materials, add-ons, printing techniques, and many other customization options. Furthermore, the styles we provide, such as tuck-end, front tuck-end, and many other options break all the barriers to a successful sales record for your product.

We provide custom cigarette boxes with variations in size and shape. Furthermore, they are made using top-notch materials. Moreover, we provide high-end offset printing for your logo and details on the box. You can choose from different box styles to suit your requirements. We also provide exceptional designs to make your packaging stand out from the rest at an affordable rate. So, get a free quote right now!



Cigarette Packaging With Style

It is necessary to design the boxes that are different in the market. However, the problem is that cigarette boxes do not have much space to play around with. It is in the nature of the product to be packed in a specific way. Moreover, gluing and die cutting are two manufacturing processes that we offer



Furthermore, they are available in the following styles:


● Seal End Boxes With Opening On Top
This is the most common type of cigarette box. All companies are using this standard style to manufacture cigarette boxes.
● Sleeve Boxes
These types of boxes look trendy and cool. Moreover, it will leave a great impression on the customer when they will slide out the cigarette.
● 2-Piece Boxes
Two-piece boxes are a new way to package cigarettes. We will provide this style at an affordable cost.

Inspection Methods for Cigarette Packaging


We understand the importance of getting the shape and measurements right for your custom cigarette packaging. Furthermore, careful design saves our time and yours too. In order to achieve that, we provide Flat View design samples. Moreover, 3D mocks are also available at the client’s request.



Therefore, the client and designer remain on the same page for a better understanding. Furthermore, we provide physical sampling for the client’s satisfaction. Moreover, the best thing about working with us is that we neither charge for the mock designs nor for the sampling. This helps us in building a strong relationship with the client.


Make Cigarette Packaging Look Classy

Custom Cigarette boxes do not have to be dull. Therefore, the overall look and finish should be appealing. These are the keys to make your brand look premium. In the field of cigarette manufacturing quality is the pathway to success. Therefore, if your cigarettes are of high quality then the quality of the boxes should not be compromised.



We offer cigarette boxes in a variety of materials, such as:


● Eco-friendly Kraft
● Corrugated boxes
● Cardstock
● Cardboard cigarette boxes



However, Corrugated boxes are used for shipping only. Moreover, the thick material keeps the packaging safe while shipping. However, the most widely used box for cigarettes is card stock. We provide excellent card stock packaging at a fascinating price.



Moreover, the packaging is lined with foil paper to keep the cigarette boxes dry. We offer two types of printing options including CMYK and PMS. However, Eco-friendly ink is available to use on eco-Kraft boxes. Moreover, these boxes are offered with a gloss coating for a premium look. However, UV Spot helps in making patterns on the boxes. Moreover, embossing and debossing give the packaging a unique look.



Order And Shipping

Buying cigarette boxes wholesale from Custom Packaging Services is the most viable option. The minimum order for boxes is 100 and goes up to 500,000 boxes. The size of the order depends on the requirement of the client.

We make sure that quality remains constant even if the order is large and deliver the boxes in 6-8 working days.



We provide free of cost worldwide shipping for cigarette packaging including the USA, the UK, and other countries.



Give Identity To Your Cigarette Boxes Color And Style And Shapes:

The choices for personalized cigarette boxes are unlimited in color, patterns, and forms. The boxes in simple cigarette boxes are offered at a wholesale rate so our clients never feel the burden of extra features. You may also use the desired color design in the boxes depending on client preferences and brand needs.

The Custom Packaging boxes for cigarettes basically need to be sturdy and strong so that moisture never comes in. These boxes also help preserve cigarettes from temperature and the outer environment. It preserves them for a long time.



Make Your Concept A Reality By Ordering Us:

You got a plain idea of cigarette packaging and we bring it into reality. ? For you, we are going to make it! You just need to select the amount or number of the boxes. With our individual printed boxes, a choice of degrees of paper and color are available, with regard to its corporate image.



Make the finest possible design with your Custom Retail Packaging Boxes. Our expertise provides free design guidance to you for your convenience. Choose from our premade layouts or take fresh ideas on board to make your own thinking into a true physical box.



Packaging From The Hands Of Experts:

We are one of the leading suppliers of printing paper boxes and wholesale cigarettes. With the help of our interesting boxes, we have served our large and fully happy consumer base.

They are all our happy customers as they have achieved their marketing goals with the use of the right packaging.



Custom Packaging Services provide custom design facilities to provide you the opportunity to create the perfect box. Our professional team will manage to get outstanding boxes and our expert designers will provide you the opportunity to have the perfect designs.



We are able to handle and deliver huge orders of Wholesale cigarette packaging just within a given period of time. You are also offered prices in your budget. Ask our sales staff for an offer and they will walk you through this procedure and offer you 24 hours service.



We Are The Manufacturer Of Custom Cigarette Boxes:

A range of bespoke custom cigarette packaging, a rectangular container, is provided with great care and after the trials. The bulk stock of cigarette boxes consists of cardboard, not just for the cigarette, but we use it for other products as well such as For hemp boxes, CBD boxes, or custom printed cigarette boxes.



We provide unique design possibilities in your limited range. In your bespoke boxes, you may apply Gloss/Matte, Full/Spot UV, Embossing/Engraving, Foiling, or die-cut window.



Make Your Product Branded With Custom Cigarette Boxes:

There is no question that when it comes to favoring one cigarette brand over another, individuals are highly vulnerable and interested. The proper custom design and form of these boxes may be selected in the cigarette packaging to your advantage. Many top companies benefit from their efforts to upgrade their product packaging.

Why should you stay far behind when the time comes in the USA to put the outstanding cigarette packaging elements on your brand? You should certainly attempt not to leave the stone unturned, and keep your rivals in the region ahead of you.



You should be a transformational trend maker in marketplaces when you manage to introduce the correct style to your packaging. Your brand will also play an important role in your customers’ lifestyle and decisions of choice of cardboard packaging.



Why Choose Us?

There are a number of reasons to order us for customized cigarette packaging boxes, personalized them, and add other features such as leaflet boxes, pamphlets, and notebooks. We provide bespoke boxes of any size and form. Get instant quotes with efficient price, fast turnaround times, free design support, free shipping, and no hidden expenses at all!

We deal with white cardboard, brown kraft stock, brown corrugated stock, and rigid boxes. In addition, all paper stocks, custom labels, and stickers are available in an unlimited range.



Our sales officers are accessible 24 hours a day to help you get a quote instantly!

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