Chinese Food Packaging


Chinese food is loved all over the world. Hence its packaging holds vital importance. People prefer restaurants that offer better disposable utensils as this clears up the need to wash dishes later on.

Custom Packaging Services offers its clients Chinese food packaging at feasible rates. We have a wide variety of materials and innovative ideas that you can use.


By telling us your requirements, our customer representatives team will quickly get to work and help you craft the perfect Chinese food boxes. They can help guide you in using innovative ideas. Like the use of chopsticks as handles. Which helps lowers the cost of production and frees up space for other things. Our firm makes eco-friendly boxes as well. Furthermore, we offer all our customers complete customization. This means that if you can think about it, then we can make it for you.



Use Gable Boxes For Chinese Food Packaging

Food products require a little more responsible packaging than other products. You have to use materials that are inert and do not react with the food products packed inside the boxes.


We offer packaging materials that are eco-friendly. You can easily recycle and reuse these boxes, which means they do not add a burden on the environment. Moreover, all of the packaging materials that we are offering are inert and ensure to keep your food products safe from any chemical intrusion.


The choices we offer for your Custom Food Packaging boxes include Kraft, cardboard, cardstock, and paperboard. You can design these materials and print anything on them. These materials are easy to print on no matter which printing technology you are opting for.


Use Eco-Friendly Materials


We can use eco-friendly materials to make Chinese food take-out boxes for you on request as well. Furthermore, we also print eco-friendly logos. So that your customers know you’re packaging is eco-friendly. These boxes can be made as bio-degradable as well as in recyclable forms.

This means these boxes break down on exposure to bacteria and sunlight. This produces nitrogen and other compounds that provide nutrition to the soil. We need more recyclable packaging because of the rapidly deteriorating environmental quality.

These packaging materials are compostable, which means you can make a resource out of your packaging waste. However, the recyclable boxes are of two types. One that can be recycled and one that is made from recycled materials.

The ones that can be recycled are slightly more expensive as they are made from very high-quality materials. These boxes can be recycled to produce more packaging or notebooks for third-world country students. Wholesale food packaging that is made from recycled materials is very cheap.

By making boxes with a handle, you make it easier for your customers to carry their food. Hence you stand to make more sales in this manner. We can also add a lid to these boxes that will help keep your food fresh for longer periods of time.

Custom food packaging that has inserts to hold sauces and other such things will improve the customer’s experience. Which, in turn, will help your business grow.

In America, most people that eat take-away food don’t want to clean up after eating.

Hence small features of your packaging can help you make more sales.

Use Your Chinese Food Packaging As A Marketing Tool

Small features like lids, handles, inserts to hold sauces for Chinese take-out food boxes come with significant importance. These features create ease for the customers. They, in turn, tell their friends and colleagues about it. This creation of ease will effectively market your food on its own. Moreover, social media is a hub for innovative designs as people love to inform others.

The more you make the unboxing experience special for your customers, the greater benefit it will have for you. Nowadays, customers prefer to keep their shopping experience transparent that is why they share them on social media.

If you want them to have positive word of mouth about your brand, then you have to invest in making your packaging worth it. This is what we are for. We have amazing packaging deals that will instantly uplift your packaging, thus leaving a great impression on your audience.

Moreover, we offer a great variety of add-ons that you can use to make your packaging even more interesting and noticeable. You can emboss, deboss and spot UV your logo on the boxes.

Similarly, you can use PVC windows to make your food products visible. This little sneak peek of the product inside will help and encourage the customers to trust your brand and make a purchase. In addition, if you want to give a more professional look to your boxes, you can opt for foiling.

We offer two different types of foiling, which include silver and golden foiling. Moreover, you can also go for coatings. These coatings include matte and glossy. You can choose whatever suits your packaging style and brand nature.


We at Custom Packaging offer quality packaging at affordable rates. Moreover, we also provide our clients complete freedom to choose their desired packaging design and box style. This freedom will give you a chance to experiment with fun ideas relevant to your packaging designs.

Moreover, you will also be able to brand your packaging boxes, printing your name and logo on them.

This way, people will start recognizing your brand. In addition, we have a great customer care service with representatives ready to serve you around the clock.

Moreover, you can also ask for free consultation and guidance. Our representatives are ready to serve you and provide you with consultation regarding what packaging material suits your product and how you should design your packaging.

Our Turnover Time And Delivery

We give a speedy turnover season of 6-10 workdays. Moreover, we give free conveyance everywhere in the US and Canada for your custom printed food boxes if you order in bulk. However, if you need a rush order, we can arrange that for you as well.

Gaining Customers through Proof

At Custom Packaging Services, we have a knack for delivering inch-perfect results by elevating the retention rate. For that purpose, we gain customers by showing proof of what we are delivering. The following are some of the techniques we use to deploy an impressive proofing standard:

● 2D Sampling

The 2D mockup that we provide contains an image that showcases how your product will look if it is presented in the form of a canvas.

● 3D Sampling

3D Sampling gives a rotatory view of the product. In that case, you will be able to rotate the desired product and observe the die-lines and edges.

● Physical Prototyping

If the priors are not enough, we have physical prototyping for you. You will get the box of your requirements right at your doorstep. So, if you need Chinese food boxes in bulk, we can tailor-make them to perfection as per your product needs or send them to your house if you need a sample.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us if you want quality packaging and affordable rates. Just pick up your phone and ask for a quotation

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